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Trichocereus candicans White flowers x Buena Vista by Uwe Kahle

This one was the first big Trichocereus flower of the 2020 season and it’s a really nice and useful hybrid between Trichocereus candicans white flowers x Buena Vista. The latter is a different word for classic Trichocereus grandiflorus aka Echinopsis rowleyi. Very nice flower shape and it passes it down nicely too. However, it is a bit sensitive when it´s about flowering. In the last two years it has rarely flowered and when it did it dropped some flower buds again. Definitely one of the most sensitive Trichocereus hybrids I have in regards to dropping flowers.

Photos of Trichocereus candicans x Buena Vista

Video of Trichocereus candicans x Buena Vista