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Trichocereus cephalomacrostibas / Echinopsis cephalomcacrostibas Weberbauerocereus

Trichocereus cephalomcarostibas, also known as Echinopsis cephalomacrostibas, is a columnar cactus that was described as a Trichocereus species by Curt Backeberg and Werner Rauh. However, the plant in question later turned out as a Weberbauerocereus and the flower makes it pretty obvious that Echinopsis cephalomacrostibas is not a …

Trichocereus Lookalikes

There are various columnar cacti that you can encounter. And though many look very much like Trichocereus on the first look, many of them actually aren’t. This page is about the many lookalikes that are available on the open market. Some of them are labeled “Trichocereus” and some …