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Echinopsis “Goldrosé” KE.33.1992.4=Herz Dame x Tricho Kaiser

Echinopsis hybrid Goldrosé (with the french accent) is a Hartmut Kellner hybrid and one of the VERY FEW Echinopsis hybrids that I personally own. Echinopsis flowers can be great, but very often they are not and I really can´t keep hundreds of Echinopsis to get the really good ones. Overall, I probably have a couple hundred Echinopsis and Goldrosé is one of them. I love the flower and it´s also very good at passing down awesome flowers to the next generation. The parents are KE.33.1992.4=Herz Dame x Tricho Kaiser. The flower diameter is roughly 14 cm.

Photos of Echinopsis GOLDROSE

Video of Echinopsis Goldrose