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Tag: Trichocereus schickendantzii

Trichocereus smrzianus Echinopsis smrziana Leanne Kelly (4)

Trichocereus smrzianus / Echinopsis smrziana

Trichocereus smrzianus / Echinopsis smrziana Backeberg described Trichocereus smrzianus / Echinopsis smrziana in his KAKTUS ABC, a book that did not get a very wide release. Besides the description is highly controversial because it basically …

Trichocereus Manguinii aka Trichocereus WK

Trichocereus Manguinii aka Trichocereus WK Hi Guys, another cactus from the ancient times. Trichocereus Manguinii Backeberg, which can also be found throughout Australia under the name Trichocereus WK. I have absolutely no idea what WK …

Trichocereus Schickendantzii (Echinopsis)

Trichocereus Schickendantzii (Echinopsis) This species was originally described by Britton & Rose in their book THE CACTACEAE, which was published in 1920. The plants grow in large clusters, in which they are pupping abundantly from …

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