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Trichocereus Crassiarboreus (NN)

Trichocereus Crassiarboreus (NN)

Trichocereus Crassiarboreus is a plant that was discovered by Friedrich Ritter in 1957. When he found flowering specimens in 1964, he moved the species to Weberbauerocereus. I am not a specialist on Weberbauerocereus but I trust Ritters Experience on that ID. The species was later publicized by Karel Knize under the name Weberbauerocereus Crassiarboreus but his description lacked substantial information and if he wouldnt have mentioned the typus location, there wouldnt have been a chance to find that species again. Besides, Knize added no pics, what makes it even more problematic. Ritter wrote numerous interesting pieces on this plant, including a complete description. Nonetheless, it seems that Knize´s descripion was accepted. Because of that, Trichocereus Crassiaboreus is now called Weberbauerocereus Cuzcoensis. That also explains why Trichocereus Crassiarboreus isnt offered in most commercial seed and plant lists. If you are lucky, you might be able to get some labeled as Weberbauerocereus Cuzcoensis though.

Buy seed or plants of Trichocereus Crassiarboreus: The seed seller köhres still has some seeds of Trichocereus Crassiarboreus/Weberbauerocereus Cuzcoensis in stock. I have no idea about the viability but when I ordered some around 4 years ago, they were still viable and looked very much like what is shown on those pics from K.Trout! They are amazing plants and everyone should consider himself lucky to grow them. I might also add a flower description and a general description of this plant in the near future. But because it is not a real Trichocereus, I will push that back until I am done with the rest of the site!