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Trichocereus crassiarboreus (NN)

Trichocereus crassiarboreus, Trichocereus crassiarboreus (NN), - Cactus Seeds & Books!

Trichocereus crassiarboreus is a plant that was discovered by Friedrich Ritter in 1957. When he found flowering specimens in 1964, he moved the species to Weberbauerocereus. I am not a specialist on Weberbauerocereus but I trust Ritters Experience on that ID. The species was later published by Karel Knize under the name Weberbauerocereus crassiarboreus but his description lacked substantial information and like the type locality, which made it impossible to have a baseline to compare against.

Karel Knize provided no photos for his collection, what makes it even more problematic to trace it back. Ritter wrote numerous interesting articles about this plant, including a complete description. Nonetheless, it seems that Knize´s description was the one that had priority. Because of that, Trichocereus crassiaboreus is now called Weberbauerocereus cuzcoensis. That also explains why Trichocereus crassiarboreus is nowhere to be found on most commercial seed and plant lists. At least not under this name. I have seen Weberbauerocereus cuzcoensis and it is a gorgeous plant that looks remarkably like a Trichocereus. I have never seen the flower of this species though. I also grew seeds from Karel Knize´s collection and they look a lot like Trichocereus glaucus so far.

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The seed seller köhres once had some seeds of Trichocereus crassiarboreus/Weberbauerocereus cuzcoensis in stock. They are amazing plants and everyone should consider himself lucky to grow them. I might also add a flower description and a general description of this plant in the near future. But because it is not a real Trichocereus, I will push that back until I am done with the rest of the site!

Photos of Trichocereus crassiarboreus / Weberbauerocereus cuzcoensis

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